Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dietetics and Nutrition

In the 21st century whether it is a child or an adult, everyone wants to be fit and perfect, and for a person to be fit, proper diet planning is important. It is said that food is an important part of a balanced diet. On 27 September, 2014, the dietetics and nutrition competition was organized for the 3 months batch.

The students were divided in teams and each team was given a theme on the basis of which they planned their menu. Some of the themes were; diet during pregnancy, detox diet, diet for anemic patient, and diet for teenage girl. With the proper research the girls did full justice to the competition. The judges found it difficult to choose the best.

The Winners of the Competition:

First Position

Team 1:    Rashmi Agrawal, Ruchi Lunia, Parleen Kaur and  

Sheenu Nayyar

Team 2:    EpshikhaMadhyani, Saloni Agrawal, Shubhi Agarwal

and AbhilashaPatil

Second Position:

Team 4:     Khushbu Agrawal, PoojaMantri and  Vishakha 


Team 5:     Anisha Gupta and Pinky Garg

Third Position

Team 3:   Karishma Jobanputra, Barkha Chawla and Disha 


 Team 6:    SakhiPawecha,  AkankshaPoddar,  YamikaPilla and 


  Team 7:          Saloni Choudhary, Keerti. K, Shreya Goyal and Payal 


Visit to Rotary Ashia Home

“If God give us any disability, he also gives us abundant other abilities, strength and courage to overcome them.” This is the lesson we learnt from the children of Rotary Ashia Home.

Rotary Ashia Home is the place for physically and mentally challenged children who are taught and trained to accept life as it comes. It was our pleasure to visit RAH which was a wonderful experience to meet all the children there.
And after meeting them we realized that they are not disabled, “They are Differently Abled.”

Baking Competition…

There are many reasons to bake; to feed, to create, to impress, to nourish, to define ourselves and sometimes it has to be said, to perfect.
These were all achieved by the 3 months batch, whose baking competition was held on 18 September, 2014. The participants were divided in different teams and they all performed impeccably. The co-ordination and co-operation amongst these teams were remarkable.


The winners of the competition were:-

First Position –        YamikaPilla, PankhuriBansal,


Second Position –   Sakhi Pawecha, Khushbu Agrawal

Third Position -       Rashmi Agrawal,  Ruchi Lunia,

Parleen Kaur

Debate Competition

Debate embodies the ideals of reasoned argument, tolerance for divergent points of view and rigorous self-examination.
In the debate competition which was held on 22 September, 2014 various interesting topics were taken up by the 3 months batch to be debated upon and all the participants articulated their views. The participants negotiated their points so well that it became hard for the judges to take a stand.

The winners of the competition were:-

First Position –         Barkha Chawla &  Shubhi Agarwal 

Second Position –     Keerti.K & Payal Agarwal 

Third Position –        Sheenu Nayyar &  Akanksha Poddar

Apart from the winners there were two separate categories given: THE BEST SPEAKER which was bagged by “Ms. Pooja Mantri &
Ms. Sreelakshmi” as THE BEST DEBATOR was given to “Ms. ShubhiAgarwal”.