Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The “Icing and Cake Decoration” Workshop.

Baking .. the art of cooking that appeals to all around the globe. 

An icing and cake decoration workshop was conducted for the students of the 9 months batch on 27 and 28 August, 2014. It was a platform for the students to learn the art and the varied methods of Baking and Cake decorations in a professional and competent manner. With the help of varied flavors of icing techniques and other fondants used for cake decorations, the art was tried out.  It was a mouthwatering experience for the students who were left in an awe of their icing and cake baking experience.

Visit to the Jain Temple:-

On 30 August, 2014 the Jain Students of Good Shepherd Finishing School visited the Jain Temple in Ooty, to complete their pious ritual, marking the end of PARYUSHANA (the eighth Holy Day for Jains). When the students entered the temple, they instantly felt a sense of belongingness at the temple and offered their prayers and offerings to the Lord, as a mark of the end of PARYUSHANA. They felt grateful and blessed to have been able to visit the JAIN Temple on their auspicious day. 

Workshop on Interior Design:-

On the eve of 03 September, 2014 the Principal Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, conducted a workshop on “INTERIOR DESIGNING”. It was an informative hour for us, as we got to learn about how essential the colours of the walls, the furniture, designing and other little and small things count towards making a GOOD HOME or even a room for that matter. The excellent opportunity taught us about the DO’s and Dont’s for decorating our homes. We got to know that even small things like flower vases, curtains, or book shelves add in to the splendor of the interiors of our rooms. It was a very interactive and informative session.

Workshop on Vegetable Carving:-

The VEGETABLE CARVING workshop that was conducted for the 9 Months students at Good Shepherd Finishing School left us all spell bound at this Simple yet time indulging art of Vegetable Carving. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Udaya Sankar Shadananan, and the simple ways in which he taught us to shape a variety of garnishes was simply amazing. We became aware of how a simple curve cut on the vegetable could help in simple decorations for garnishing the food so that it could be used in more appealing and fine- looking garnishes. Thus the workshop motivated the students to pick up well on the skills of Vegetable Carving.


It was a competition day for the 3months batch when all their skills were put to task. The one day competition explored their Beauty therapy and Make-up skills. This competition revealed the styling aptitude of the students at its best.


The students of the 3 months batch showed their excellent creativity and knowledge in making hair styles and it was a challenging task for every student.

First Position                   - Ms.Anisha Gupta
Second Position              - Ms. Abhilasha Patil
Third Position                 - Ms. Keerti K


You need a lot of patience to wear a saree. It is in our DNA here in INDIA.
What is a saree? Six yards of pure grace, elegance and beauty.. The long trail of cloth one straight single length, no zip, no stich yet, enhances beauty and strength!! 
This six yards of grace was draped perfectly in different styles for the competition day by the 3months batch which added elegance to their feminine nature!!

First Position                       - Ms. Keerti K
Second Position                 - Ms. Khushbu Agarwal
Third Position                             - Ms. Rashmi Agarwal



The eye make-up competition revealed the ocean of colours in the eyes of the students of the 3 months batch. They presented their theme with excellent creativity and imagination and the fact that art has no bounds was proved by them.

First Position           - Ms. Pinky Garg
Second Position      - Ms. Anisha Gupta
Third Position          -Ms. Khushbu Agarwal