Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The one day workshop on Team Works Skills was an exceptionally informative and interactive one. We learnt the different attributes and skills one must have as a Team member and how we should be an effective Team member. The session helped us to know ourselves better. We learnt about the different types of teams and the different stages in Team building, the different types of conflicts that can take place in a team and the resolution mode was dealt with in detail.

We had various team activities which helped us to know where we stand in our Team works skills and on which areas we should work upon.


This workshop has been a great help to us as Team work is one of the major attributes which one must have these days. In order to deal with situations in life, it could be on a professional or on an amateur note.  Thanks to the Resource person Mrs. Neetha Nataraj for the great learning experience.

Presentation by Lieutant General Sunil Kumar Gadeock, AVSM

Commandments, Defence Services Staff College, Wellington

The motivational speech was organized at Good shepherd International School on 16 August, 2014 from 11:00 am to 1:00 p.m. The session was attended by the elegant ladies of the 9 months batch students as well as the students of Good Shepherd International School.
Mr. Sunil Kumar Gadeock said that the young generations are the fine reflection of the country. They should fill them with optimism. And the change that is expected in India can be brought by this generation. He emphasized that complete personality development is required in every individual.  He reflected on the three V’s that are important which include Vision, Values and Vitality. He mentioned that each and every one should be a role model for oneself. And each one of us should have a dream. He said that failure plays no role in dreams. And to achieve success there is no shortcut whereas to achieve it, there are only two words and those are hard work and Sacrifice.

The 1 hour talk was a complete learning experience and we understood the importance of the qualities that needs to be inculcated in each and every individual. 

The GSFS campus tour of the Guest and the lunch at GSFS was organized by the 3 Months Batch Students.


At Good Shepherd Finishing School:

Independence Day was celebrated in the most patriotic and enjoyable manner. The celebration at the campus was organized by the 3 months batch. The tricolor flags made by the students were distributed to everyone. The Chief Guest of the day was Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, the Principal of Good Shepherd Finishing School. The flag hoisting ceremony was followed by the Tree plantation by the Chief Guest; the Principal, the Dean Mrs. Neetha Nataraj, and the 5 leaders of the different houses. The gathering sang the National Anthem with patriotism, pride and honour   and hope in their hearts for a better India.
The assembly at the atrium witnessed the formal celebration of the day. There were speeches by students of both the 3 Months and 9 Months Batches

The Students -GSFS

Ms Rashmi Agawal spoke on the ‘The relevance of Indian Independence Day Celebration in 2014’

Ms Sanchi Bansal spoke on the topic ‘Are we a free Nation to celebrate Indian Independence Day?”

Ms Ruchi Lunia spoke on ‘The lessons that the freedom fight teaches us’.

The Principal -GSFS

The Principal, in her speech, urged the students to act according to the need of the hour and be accountable for the growth and development of the Nation.

At Good Shepherd International School:

After the formal celebration at GSFS, we moved to GSIS to be part of the colorful entertainment event organized. Along with the GSIS Programmes, a power point presentation on the prominent leaders from all the 28 states of India with the specialties of each state and the dance form was presented.  The dance was performed by the students in groups.

The Students - GSFS

A contemporary dance on saving girl child followed the presentation. A documentary on “India today” let the students think on the need for the change in the present situations in India.