Monday, August 18, 2014

Workshop by Dr. Mohan

 “When you aspire something, the whole nature conjures to make it happen for you.” Was the highlight of the motivational talk given by Dr. Mohan in his address to the students of Good Shepherd International School and Good Shepherd Finishing School. His talk motivated us and guided us to redefine our goals to becomebetter, positive and productive individuals.

The bond of love- Rakshabandhan.

On the auspicious day of Rakshabandhan, we learnt the art of making handmade Rakhis, which we sent across to our respective brothers. This way, this Rakshabandhan was a very emotional one for all of us. We used beads, satin ribbons, sequins, motifs, laces and silk threads to make Rakhis..

We dressed in traditional attire and spent quality time with each other. A few of us, visited the GSIS campus, where we spent time with our brothers. It was really a memorable Rakshabandhan.

“Genesis” …of the 3 Months Batch

As a part of our curriculum, in event management phase 1, team Joyous staged their Talent Nite, “Genesis” on 6 August, 2014. The program commenced with a welcome address and the GaneshVandana, followed by a musical play on Genesis. The audience witnessed extra-ordinary performances on ‘Save Girl Child’ and entertaining performances on popular Bollywood numbers.  All of us having our time to shine and garner the audience; for the art display of the show, the very talented Ms Salonee Chaudhari live sketched all the scenes of the musical play and presented it to the honourable President of GSFS.

The President - GSFS

The Principal- GSFS 

The Students- GSFS

The 3 Months Batch- Joyous

The 3 Months Batch -Romedy Comedy

The members of team Jubliant, staged their talent nite, ‘Romedy Comedy,’ A combination of romance and comedy. The audience witnessed a wonderful recreation of the famous 12th night by William Shakespeare. The program was an amalgamation of every act of entertainment such as dance, drama, singing, music and fashion show, where the girls transformed themselves into elegant ladies of the 21st century.

The President- GSFS

The 3 Months Batch - Jubilant


Flower Arrangement Workshop

Gerbera, Carnation, Sunflower, Liliums…., flower sand fillers of all criteria were arranged with the best aesthetic sense that could ever be, at the Flower arrangement Workshop held for the 3 Months Batch students. The session gave complete awareness on various floral arrangements which equipped them to manage the floral interiors on their own.

Nilgiris… In and Out !

Dr Tarun Chabra

GSFS Students - 9 Months and  3 Months Batch

It was an interesting session in which he gave us in-depth facts about the culture, heritage, flora and fauna of Nilgiris. It is said that the Todas  are one of the last vegetarian tribes in the world, who are not only unique in culture but also in its shrubberies and wildlife.
It was surprising to know that, a beautiful world exist in such a small valley which upholds a combination of culture, heritage, flora and fauna.

The workshop by Dr Tarun Chabra helped us to build a new perspective towards nature. It has abetted us in the better understanding of the life of the tribes. The session showed a clear picture on how different the life of tribes is, compared to the other habitats.

This workshop has built a sense of responsibility in us towards nature and has made us aware of the one of the part of the world which exist. Also, this has helped us to know our locale better.