Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Graduation Day

The 9 Months Batch students of the year 2013-2014 completed their course on 9 April, 2014 and graduated in honour.
The Chief Guest Ms. Ambika Pillai
At the Graduation ceremony, the Chief Guest of the evening Ms Ambika Pillai, the renowned hairstylist and make -up artist encouraged the students to follow their hearts to be strong and emancipated ladies. She shared her life experiences with the students with which they could relate and find meaning. The Principal of Good Shepherd Finishing School Mrs Elsamma Thomas welcomed the gathering and the Dean Mrs Neetha Nataraj expressed gratitude at the event.


The Valedictory speeches were given by Ms Sakshi Sangram Patil, Ms Arpit Lahoti and Ms Sailesha Banskota.
The Certificates for all the students and the special awards were presented by the Chief Guest at the occasion.

The Special Awards;
The Best Golfer – Ms Sailesha Banskota
The Best Swimmer, Best Squash Player and Best Lawn Tennis Player – Ms Saloni Agarwal
The Best Basket Ball Player – Ms Palak Jain
The Best Badminton Player – Ms Ashmika Sihare
The Best Billiards Player – Ms Snekha V
The Winner of the Bridal Competition – Ms Nikita Agarwal
The Winner of the Fashion Show – Ms Saloni Agarwal

The Coveted Awards;
The Best Attitude      – Ms Ashmika Sihare
Miss Go-Getter        – Ms Simran
The Best Performer  – Ms Palak Jain
Miss Confident         – Ms Sailesha Banskota
Miss Talent               – Ms Kriti Bagaria
The Most Transformed Lady – Ms Deepanjali Hiremath

The Best House for the year 2013-2014Emancipation with a total of 671 Points.
The Best House for the year 2013-2014Emancipation

The Graduation ceremony came to an end when the Graduating students passed on the light of knowledge with the lit candles in their hands and the song on their lips, ‘Pass it on’!


The Fashion Show for the year 2013 -2014, Kaleidofad saw the students of the 9 Months Batch in vivid colours and styles. As the name aptly states, this was the statement of fashion as in a kaleidoscope which was exhibited in different colours. The 5 Laaps unfolded to display The Enswathe, The Full Feather, The Inferno, The Tabloid and The Trial Round.
The students of the Batch in 5 Teams; Sky, Wind, Earth, Water and Fire displayed the best of them on the ramp.

When Kaleidofad laid the curtain down, the guest of honour at the event, Ms Ambika Pillai was full of appreciation for the students.

The Winners at Kaleidofad

The Winners at Kaleidofad;
Miss Enswathe – Ms Aanchal Mittal
Miss Full Feather –Ms Ritikka Raghunandan
Miss Inferno –Ms Sakshi Sangram Patil
Miss Tabloid- The House, Excellence
Miss Trial – The House, Elegance
The Show Stopper –Ms Sakshi Sangram Patil
Miss Kaleidofad–Ms Saloni Agarwal

The School song Competition

The three houses of the 9 months batch and the two houses of the three months batch competed against each other for the ‘School song’ competition. The presentation of the song varied from group to group, and some very creative ways were seen, ranging from placards, to formation of the emblem, to manually playing the song on the piano. The whole point was to test if the students actually learnt the song, and each group proved the affirmative. It was an enjoyable and performance oriented competition!

The First Position- Emancipation

The Second Position – Joyous

The Third Position – Elegance

Public-Speaking Competition; Phase II:

What happens when the best compete against the best??!! The Public-Speaking; Phase ll was all about that, on 1 April, 2014, the 9 speakers who were selected from Phase l competed in phase II. This time, the topics that were given to the participants, ranged from politics to social issues. Each participant spoke on a different topic and they took the status of the competition to a whole new level, making it tough for the judges to decide on the results. 

The Winners:
The First Position         Ms Sakshi Sangram Patil 
The Second Position    – Ms Sailesha Banskota and Ms Arpita Lahoti 
The Third Position       – Ms Ritikka Raghunandan

Non-Vegetarian Cooking Competition

What is the point of learning something when you won't be tested for on it??!! The students of the Non-vegetarian Cooking class were divided into four teams; each team had to make one egg dish and one chicken dish. There were a wide spread of dishes, ranging between local to continental. This was yet another competition bringing out the best in us!! 

The Basket cooking Competition

Cooking is not about known ingredients always and that's exactly what Basket Cooking Competition taught us. We were given a number of ingredients, varying from pasta to dal and we had to make a three course meal. This competition brought out not only the best but the creativity in all of us.

Cake Decoration Workshop

 Baking by itself is an art. And decorating what we baked is like taking care of a little baby that requires utmost passion, understanding of consistencies and ingredients. Such was the passion shown by Miss Marianne, Mr. Udayasankar and Mr. Gilson Mathew, who shared their experiences and knowledge regarding icing, piping and different combinations of flavors, using different types of icing nozzles and so on. We realized that it was true that every single aspect done with precision, even by a beginner, could end up as a grand masterpiece!  

Pre -marital Counseling

The girls of the Good Shepherd Finishing School attended a Pre-marital counseling session with Dr. Udita Prasad and Ms. Neetha Nataraj who addressed the medical aspects and the Psychological aspects pertaining to pre marriage and post marriage respectively. Various aspects covered ranged from Pre marriage nervousness to adjustments and conquer any pre-marital jitters we might have. It was a helpful session indeed and the need of the hour too!

Public Speaking Competition Phase I

On 25 March, 2014, the 9 months batch of Good Shepherd Finishing School was seen memorizing matter off their papers. No, it wasn’t an exam they were preparing for, but their Public Speaking competition. The students were given the opportunity to choose their own topics, prepare and speak. The topics chosen were general topics such as women empowerment, Environmental Pollution, Issues relating to politics, Movies, Advertising and so on. The judges, patiently sat through the speeches of all the 49 students, and gave them a lot of pointers to help them speak better. At the end of the competition, nine out of the 49 speakers were selected for the Public speaking Competition, Phase II.

The Winners:

The First Position        – Ms Sara Charles
The Second Position   – Ms Saloni Agarwal and Ms Sakshi Sangram Patil
The Third Position      – Ms Ritikka Raghunandan

Nail Art Competition

On 24March 2014, the students of the 9 months batch assembled their nail art kits to paint their nails in the most creative ways possible. This competition gave the students a premise to explore their creativity with minute designs and colors. Various mediums for nail art were used such as stencils, stamps, paints and some people even went to the extent of drawing their designs with eye lines! It was illuminating to see the number of different ways a simple nail art could be done with.
The Winners:

The First Position        – Ms Poorva Jain and Ms Nikita Agarwal
The Second Position   – Ms Poojitha and Ms Pranjal Lalwani
The Third Position      – Ms Tripti Jindal

Swimming Competition

The swimming Competition for the 9 months students was held on 28 March, 2014. This competition allowed the students to put to test on what they’d learnt over the 9 months. After a rigorous 25 meters each of Freestyle, Breast stroke and Back stroke, the winners were chosen according to the quality of stroke, speed and ease.

The Best Swimmer – Ms Saloni Agarwal

Basketball Tournament

Good Shepherd Finishing School hosted and participated in the Basketball Tournament against the students of Good Shepherd International School.  The players played with utmost sportsmanship. Though one team was quite well trained and the other was a team of beginners, their abilities matched each other! It was definitely a day of learning and exposure for the girls of Good Shepherd Finishing School, after only a few months of practice off and on, the game was favorable to the girls of Good Shepherd international School by only 1 point!

Yet, well done. Good Shepherd Finishing School!

The Best Basket Ball Player – Ms Palak Jain 

Draping Competition

In olden days, clothes were not precisely stitched to fit the contours of a person’s body. Well, this was experienced by the 9-months students as they draped 5 meters of cloth on their respective mannequins. When they started, they thought that it would just be, But when they finished, they had all created beautiful designs of varied patterns. One would thinkthat this is a very complicated task, but the students showed otherwise as they experimented with designs, jewelry, and other accessories. It was remarkable to see that even students with no background in fashion designing came up with gracefully elegant designs. This just goes to say that whatever one’s profession is, it is good to stray ‘out-of-the-box’ once in a while, to dig deeper into the realms of one’s own talent…

The Winners:
The First Position        – Ms Saloni Agarwal
The Second Position   – Ms Sowbaraniya and Ms Palak Jain
The Third Position –Ms Aanchal Mittal and Ms Ashmika Sihare

Baking and Confectionery Competition

The Confectionery and Baking competition was held on Saturday, 8 March, 2014.  The Bakers, the 9 months students of Good shepherd finishing School, got busy choosing their ingredients, crockery and cutlery fit for their respective recipes. After 3 hours of beating, boiling, blending, tempering, grating, baking, setting, and assembling, the exhausted participants took out their dishes with satisfied smiles, to be tasted and judged. All the dishes were appreciated with great fervor. 

Baking and Confectionery Workshop

A workshop on Baking and Confectionery was conducted for the 9 month batch. The students understood the differences between baking and confectionery items, and it was made clear that the term did not refer only to Desserts.  Lots of tips on smart baking were provided, and the students got hands on experience making jellies, lolly pops and bread pops that they just couldn’t resist themselves as they started experimenting with shapes,  molten sugar and chocolate. It was one sweet filled day!