Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 6 weeks Batch at the School

The 6 weeks Batch at the School

The Students of the 6 Weeks Batch of the year reported on 13 April, 2014. The Orientation session helped the students to understand the journey that they have to take through the 42 days at Good Shepherd Finishing School. They defined and redefined their goals with determination for the successful accomplishment of their task at hand.

The Competition Day!

It was a testing day for the students of the 6 Weeks Batch when all their skills were put to task. The one day competition explored their learning skills in all the subjects that they had been exposed to, at Good Shepherd Finishing School.

The Public Speaking Competition:

The 2 phases of the Competition brought out the best of the speakers to light. The learning gained through the sessions , found its meaning when it was put to test.

The Winners of Phase 2 ;

The first position -    Ms Ranjani Krishnan
The Second position- Ms Shreya Sahani
The Third position - Ms Anmol Tayal

The Debate Competition:

It was the convincing and the negotiating skills of the batch that was put to test at the Debate Competition in Phase 1 and 2.

The Winners:

The Best Debater at Phase 1 – Ms Ankita Jain
The Best Debater at Phase 2 – Ms Ritika Malhotra
The BestTeam – Ms Sikhara and Ms Ritika Malhotra.

The Dessert Competition:

The culinary skills of the students were explored at the Desserts Competition. Delicious Desserts
of various type and kind were on display at the end of the competition

The Result:

First Position: Ms Ankita Navin Jain and
                               Ms Mehak Gupta
Second Position: Ms Ranjani Krishnan and
                                   Ms Sunayana
Third Position: Ms Anmol Tayal and
                                Ms Anareen Julia Reynolds

Styling Competition:

The Styling and Fashion aptitude of the Students, guided through theFashion Design sessions was seen at its best at the Styling Competition. In Teams of 5 under different themes, the students styled themselves according to the given category.

The Results:

  Formals – First Position – Ms Kritika Jain
                         Second Position – Ms Sheen Scaria

                        Adventure – First Position- Ms Sunayana
                        Second Position – Ms Priyanka Nahar

   Winter Style – First Position – Ms Parul Agarwal
                        Second Position – Ms Rishika Bhalani

   Funky Style – First Position – Ms Ranjani Krishnan
                        Second Position – Ms Shikhara

   Wardrobe Staples – First Position – Ms Anmol Tayal
                        Second Position – Ms Amisha Agrawal

 Hairstyle Competition:

From lazy buns to water falls, from pony braids to hurdle bun…the excellent creativity and  resourcefulness in making hairstyles explained the knowledge of the students in making suitable hairstyles. The competition was challenging as the hairstyles were to match the facial structure of the person.

The Results: 

 The First Position: Ms Sheen Scaria
 The Second Position : Ms Mehak Gupta
 The Third Position: Ms Shreya Sahani

The Competition Day displayed the creative aspects of the students coupled with their comprehension on the subjects taught.