Monday, October 7, 2013


           Many have written poems on them; many have written songs. From time immemorial, flowers have been the central theme to many works of art, dance and music. The symbol of Indian spirituality is the lotus, which signifies the depth and beauty of our culture. This said, what else could brighten up our day if it wasn’t for flowers? Many a time we walk through life without noticing the small things; flowers may be small but they express the spontaneous joy which is an inherent part of our daily lives.
            On  7 September, 2013, we had the privilege of attending a workshop on flower arrangement under the guidance of Ms. YaYa(Thailand). Being with so many varieties of flowers was a rare treat. From Anthurium to vild Lilies to Asta Marias, the atrium of GSFS was filled with a bouquet of fragrances and colours. All the participants let their creativity loose and made some amazing arrangements .  Round, square, and corner bouquets were created.