Thursday, March 22, 2012

¨ PANACHE ¨……. The Style Exultation!

¨Panache¨, the Fashion Show of the Finishing School for the year 2011-2012 displayed the aesthetic sense and passion for colours on the garments designed by the students. The theme of ¨Panache¨ was ‘Passion for Colours’.

The six Laps; Array, Random, Shades, Native, Passion and Trial projected the different combinations of shades in different contexts.

“Array”, the drape round portrayed the artistic skills of the students in draping the cloth around them with the help of holders and safety pins. The colours chosen for this round were grey and yellow. “Random round” showcased the mix and match style and the casual display of the chosen attire. Bright colours of various shades was used in this round. “Shades round”, the most colourful and captivating lap projected the different shades of the colours of the bird peacock on the garments. For the shades round, the students designed and tailored the garments themselves. The “Native round” focused on the Indian attire - saris, ghagras, churidhars and salwars. The splendid shades added to the beauty of ‘Panache.’ “Passion round“portrayed the passionate expressions on shades. “Trial round“displayed the artistic skills of the students in preparing the garment with non wearable items.

The winners of the different titles;

Miss Array – Ms Sharayu Rajgopal Somani

Miss Random – Ms Ayushi Jain

Miss Shades – Ms Saloni Tayal

Miss Passion – Ms Roshni Parekh

Miss Native – Ms Sharayu Rajgopal Somani

Miss Trial – Elegance (Ms Vibhuti Jain)

Miss Show Stopper – Ms Sharayu Rajgopal Somani

Miss Panache – Ms Saloni Tayal

¨Panache¨, the culmination of the Fashion Design Course of the Finishing School for the year 2011-2012 was a splendid feast to the eyes and an opportunity for the girls to exhibit the ramp walk and confidence gained through the learning. The event marked the evaluation criteria for the Fashion Design Certification (for Portfolio presentation to the Jury) from National Institute of Fashion Technology, Tirupur.