Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ballroom Dance Competition - Phase 1

Ballroom dance, a powerful social dancing style was put to test at the first phase of Ball Room Dance Competition held on 20 March, 2012. Irrespective of skill, interest and talent, all the students of Good Shepherd Finishing School paired up to the tunes of the Latin music. The 4 day workshop on Ballroom dancing held earlier, helped the students to perform.

They were evaluated on poise, frame, posture, musicality and expression, timing, body alignment and shape, floor craft, foot and leg action, and presentation. It was a marvelous experience for the students.

The 3 best pairs were

Ms Vibhuti Jain and Ms Ayushi Jain

Ms Saloni Tayal and Ms Sharayu Somani

Ms Nazuk Dugar and Ms Kirti Vyas

Mrs. Elizabeth Koshy, Coordinator - Primary School

Mrs. Rema Madhu, Dance Teacher