Monday, February 10, 2014

Workshop on Presentation skills

Whatever one’s character is, it matters how one presents oneself. Presentation itself is an art. A person’s impression is made by the way the person presents himself. 

Even in the business world, making presentations are inevitable. It is not all about making a power- point, but to communicate your ideas so that it gets imbibed into the minds of your clients. This was the general idea given to the students of the 9 months batch during their workshop on enhancing Presentation Skills. The resource person, Mrs Neetha Nataraj said it rightly in the Workshop “Be confident of what you speak and verify your facts before you speak them. For if you speak false with confidence people will remember you for the wrong things.” Presentations need not mean using only computer generated softwares, but also using other forms of audio or visual media such as vox populi, charts, illustrations, and so on.

As the workshop progressed, the students got a detailed view of how to make presentations, and tips on speaking, standing, dressing and body language. After all, making a presentation indeed is an integration of all of these different elements. After the session, the students seemed quite confident and ready to make presentations on their own.