Thursday, August 22, 2013


‘Retro to Metro’ was the theme of the show put up by the 3 months batch as a part of the first phase of their Event Management curriculum.  The guests included    Dr. P.C. Thomas, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, Col Mohan Mathew, Dr Ashok Prasad and 
Dr Udita Prasad.
When the guests entered through the hall, they were greeted and welcomed by the beautiful, smiling young ladies in beautiful sarees - ‘Retro’ style. The programme revolved around how ‘Bollywood’ evolved from the earlier ‘Black and White’ era  to the present-day ‘glamour’ scenario. We got to see some ‘then and now’ comparisons, not only between movies, but also in songs, attire, dance moves, and so on.  All the students participated, and the diligence with which the programme was managed, with importance given to the minutest of details, was worthy of praise.
The event was well designed and coordinated, There were a variety of performances, such as dances, dance dramas, a quiz and some very interesting  JAM (Just-A-Minute) games.The attire of the hosts was a plethora of colours . It was almost like stepping into a life size kaleidoscope, except that it was brimming with life, enthusiasm and hoots of enjoyment. The ‘Bang’ element came at the end, when the dance floor was thrown open to all and the students of the GSFS got to ‘do the groove’, even if it was just for a few minutes. This was appreciated, as even some faculty ‘let their hair down’ and joined in with the students to do a few moves.
It was indeed one scintillating evening, where the elder members of the Management got to relive their youth, and the young spectators got to live the lives of what their parents might have lived years ago. To quote a movie: Films exist only because of 3 things: Entertainment, Entertainment and Entertainment… And this was one evening full of it!




Dr. P.C. Thomas
President -GSFS

Mrs. Elsamma Thomas
Principal –GSFS