Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Founder’s Day Celebrations!

Styling and Photo Shoot!

The Styling and Photoshoot event of the 3 Months Batch turned out to be an event of exploration on the Style and Confidence of the Students.


In 2 Teams, the themes were provided with guidance and corrections. The Students wore their outfit, accessories and attitude according to the theme. The Photoshoot turned out to be a Style Confidence Booster Event.        

Garba Night at GSFS!

Report of the Event-  

“Stories that Matter”


The first event organized by Office Bearers of the Rotarct Club 2016-17 was on 6 October, 2016 (Thursday) in the Audio Visual Room of Good Shepherd Finishing School. The event was organized with the idea of breaking walls between the Finishing School girls. Also, to give them a vulnerable platform to share their experiences and stories which they usually refrain talking about. There were 7 groups each headed by an office bearer, who served as a facilitator for their group. This was done to ensure that each person takes part and the same is carried out in a smooth and positive manner. To ensure a more comfortable zone, the room was lit with the fairy lights alone coupled with a light instrumental music playing in the background. This was done so that the girls could be ensured that everything that they talk about or share will be within their personal zone and to ensure that they could freely come out of their shells.


The following was the flow of the event:

  •        Chit picking for the group allotment and seating
  •        Introduction of the Office Bearers and the Purpose for Event
  •        Explanation as to how each person would participate
  •        Group Activity: story/experience sharing
  •        Feedback and Experience of the participants
  •       Conclusion Note
  •        Informing about the Suggestion Box for further activities of the Rotaract


The event went on for 1.5 hour and was successful, serving the purpose with which it was organized and was highly appreciated. The event went on smoothly with the girls willing to participate. They were all glad for having being a part of such a platform where a few thought that they could melt down and be open about their emotions. With a few laughing, few crying, while a few feeling lighter. The program was an overall success with everybody looking forward to more such events.

Serve Society, Serve God!

The visit to Mercy Home and the time spent there was worth a billion, as it brought happiness and smiles to the face of the inmates.

The entertainment programmes that the students staged were enjoyed well and the effort reinforced the fact that when we serve society, we serve God.

Soups and Salads Competition

The Soups and Salads Competition of the 3 Months Batch Students was held on 21 September, 2016.  In Teams, the Students explored their culinary skills with the production of savoring Soups, Crispy Salads and Baked Accompaniments.

The competition witnessed the transformation of hesitant, coy ladies to confident and smart Chefs.

The winners of the Competition;


First position – Team Number 1

·        Ms. Shailja Jalan
·        Ms. Adhisri
·        Ms. Priyal Bothra
·        Ms. Sunaina Arshad


First position – Team Number 7

·        Ms. Sanjhi Patodi
·        Ms. Srishti Mittal
·        Ms. Geethanjaly


First position – Team Number 5

·        Ms. Vaishali Chauhan
·        Ms. Abhilasha Agrawal
·        Ms. Vrinda Agarwal

Overall Performance: 

First position – Team Number 1

·        Ms. Shailja Jalan
·        Ms. Adhisri
·        Ms. Priyal Bothra
·        Ms. Sunaina Arshad


There is no love sincere than the love for food. And the love only doubles when you can cook what you love. But then there is a constant battle between what you can eat and what you should. Every phase of our life is dominated by different diets and this was exactly the theme of the competition. 

The following diet plans were prepared and presented:

·        Diet for Anaemia
·        Diet for Diabetes, Obesity
·        Diet for Diabetes,Under Weight
·        Brain boosting diet
·        Diet for Kidney Stone
·        Diet for Pregnancy women- First 3 Months
·        Diet for Cholestrol Patient
·        Low acid diet
·        Detox diet

The competition was held on 24 September, 2016.

The competition taught the students that the recipe does not have a soul but the as chefs they can bring diversity, magical elements and soul to food. Everyone can cook but the best cooks are the ones who love food.

The winners of the competition were:

1st Place – Diet for Anaemia

·        Ms. Shailja Jalan
·        Ms. Adhisri
·        Ms. Priyal Bothra
·        Ms. Sunaina Arshad

1st Place Diet for Diabetes, Obesity

·        Ms. Arushi Maheshwari
·        Ms. Kanika Khandelwal
·        Ms. Vandana Menghani

2nd Place Low acid diet

·        Ms. Shreeya
·        Ms. Sreedevi Prakasachandran
·        Ms. Nivi Yeptho

3rd Place Detox diet

·        Ms. Aishani Bansal
·        Ms. Yashika Bantia
·        Ms. Svasti Garg

Onam – The festival of Equality and Peace !

Onam, the most important secular regional festival of Kerala was celebrated at GSFS with great enthusiasm and energy. The traditional “Athappookkalam” or floral carpet was laid by the faculty and Students.

The sumptuous Onam feast which is the highlight of the festival was shared by the GSFS Family and the day marked yet another day of festivity and joy irrespective of cultural and religious differences.

Skin, Hair, Accessories…. Grooming Workshop!!

A 2 day Workshop on Skin care, Hair care, Power Dressing, Accessories and Fragrance was conducted by Ms Shilpa Jain, a renowned Professional Make-up Artist.

The 9 Months Batch Students attended the Workshop. The session helped the Students to comprehend the importance of the minute details to be taken care of in Power Dressing.

Time Management – the Skill mastered!

Time management, an important aspect in Self management, was mastered well at the workshop on Time Management. The 3 day workshop was facilitated by Mr. G Balachandran, the well known Corporate Trainer.

The knowledge packed session was intertwined with activities and competitions. It was a splendid learning experience with a difference which made a difference to the students.

‘Talent Nites’ at Good Shepherd Finishing School!

Team Jubilant of the 3 Months Batch performed on the theme; CARNIVAL

Team Jubilant of the 3 Months Batch performed on the theme; CARNIVAL

Art Competition:

The Art competition of the 3 Months Batch Students gave them the opportunity to reflect on themselves and create an image which they would project to be as the topic was: “Objective Drawing“.

The competition brought out the hidden potential of the Students.


Pencil shading category;

·       I Position        -       Ms. Shreeya

·       II Position      -       Ms. Gunjan Bantia

Colour pencil category;

·       I Position        -       Ms. Svasti Garg

·       II Position      -       Ms. Nivi Yeptho

·       III Position    -       Ms. Vandana Menghani

Painting category;

·       I Position        -       Ms. Arushi Maheshwari

·       II Position      -       Ms. Priyal Bothra

·       III Position    -       Ms. Trisha Agarwal