Thursday, August 18, 2016

Nilgiris … The Habitat!

Dr. Tarun Chabra

Dr. Tarun Chabra and the Dean
The Principal Mrs. Elsamma Thomas

The Flora and Fauna of Nilgiris was introduced and enlightened at the workshop on the Indigenous tribes of Nilgiris. Dr. Tarun Chabra, the versatile resource person explained the history, geography, food habits and the details of the inhabitants of Nilgiris.
The Principal and the Dean
The 9 Months Batch Students 2016 - 2017

The pictorial representation with the explanation and the audio of the natural habitat and the inimitable characteristics made the session a unique presentation of its kind. 


For the students, the session added hue to the awareness on the scenic beauty and the uphill tranquil life of Nilgiris.


Hairstyle and Mehndi Competition

Mehndi application, the traditional Art form of adorning the arms of the lady beauty was put to test at the Mehndi Competition. The creative skills of the Students coupled with the training in the different Mehndi design forms were a splendid sight at the Event.

The Hairstyle and Mehndi Competition for the 3 Months Batch helped the Students to explore their skill enhancement learnt through the Beauty Therapy sessions.



The Hairstyles varied from Double waterfall Braid, to Spiral Bun and French Braid Fish Tail. The competition indeed was pleasing to the eye and was a great success.



Hair Style Competition Results:

1 Position – Ms. Gunjan Bantia & Ms. Shreeya
2 Position – Ms. Kavya Ravali
3 Position – Ms. Shailja Jalan & Ms. Vandana Menghani

Mehndi Competition Results:

1 Position – Ms. Priyal Bothra
2 Position – Ms. Vandana Menghani
3 Position – Ms. Gunjan Bantia & Ms. Shreeya