Tuesday, May 3, 2016

As Elegant, Excellent and Emancipated ladies..they.. Pass it on…! 

On 29 April, 2016, the 9 Months Batch Students of the year 2015 - 2016 graduated in laurel. The journey of progress from a girl to an elegant lady was effectively traversed by the Batch.

Mrs. Swathy Rohit, the Chief Business Officer (CBO) of SNR Sons Trust was the Chief Guest of the day. She was astound at the transformation of the students during the 9 Months Period time and wished them, the best of all in their lives.

She opined that the 5 Certifications (Business English Certificate from Cambridge University, DELFA1 from Government of France, Diploma in Fashion Design from NIFT, Theory of Music from Trinity College of London and the Indian Award for Young People) that the students earned through the 9 Months Programme will add on to their profile. She presented the Special awards and Graduation Certificates to the students.

The Principal Mrs. Elsamma Thomas welcomed the gathering and the Dean Mrs. Neetha Nataraj conveyed the expression of gratitude.

Ms. Jeevitha, Ms. Vidhi Vora and Ms. Aayushi Mehta delivered the valedictory speeches. The Graduation prayer was led by Ms. Anushree Kataruka and the Graduation oath by Ms. Shreeni Sai.

The ceremonial lighting of the lamp and the singing of the Graduation song with the lighted candle, signified the grandeur that the School confers on the Students. 



 They sang..when they believed that …“it only takes a spark to get a fire going.. 

That’s how its with God’s love, once you’ve achieved it, the lord of love has come to me, I want to pass it on…!!”

The winners of the different titles:

BEST ATTITUDE                       -       MS. AMEENA ZAMAH YAHIYA
MISS. GO-GETTER                    -       MS. CHERRY MODI

BEST PERFORMER                    -       MS. AAKRUTI DAMANI

MISS. CONFIDENT                   -       MS. RIA SACHIN KHIMJI

MISS. TALENT                          -       MS. NEHA MUNDHRA

MISS. CONSISTENT                  -       MS. DEVYANI PINJANI

MISS. DYNAMIC                       -      MS. VIDHI VORA



 BEST GOLFER AND SWIMMER                               -    MS. AMEENA ZAMAH YAHIYA

BEST LAWN TENNIS PLAYER                                  -          MS. JASIKA MEHTA

BEST BADMINTON PLAYER                                     -          MS. PAVITHRA K

BEST SQUASH PLAYER                                             -          MS. DEVYANI PINJANI


BRIDAL WINNER                            -     MS. ANUSHREE KATARUKA

FASHION SHOW WINNER                 -     MS. JEEVITHA     

THE BEST HOUSE 2015 TO 2016                -         EXCELLENCE


“ Calicomod” , the Fashion Show of the 9 Months Batch for the Year 2015-2016. 

“Calicomod ” depicts the blend of Cloth and Style.

The 4 Teams in different shades;

Team 1 – Marsala

Team 2 - Mint Green

Team 3 - Papaya Orange

Team 4 - Summer Yellow

Marsala was the shade for the year 2015.

Mint Green, Papaya Orange and Summer Yellow were the summer shades for the year 2015.

4 Teams based on 4 different Category;

*    I Round – Cannon Ball (Message Round – “Save Humanity”)

*    II Round – Trouper (Solid Palazzo Pants With Self Fabric Painted White Top)

*    III Round – Dendritic (Floral Skirt With Top Which Is Of Red And Shades Of Red)

*    IV Round – Twill Frill (Material Round (4 Different Types Of Material) Single Piece Outfit (Self Designed) With Accessory (Self Made)

*    V Round – Terra Firma (Soil And Origami Round






The winners at CALICOMOD;

Miss Cannonball      -     Ms. Jeevitha

 Cannonball Marsala -     Ms. Sejal B Patel 

 Cannonball Green           -     Ms. Vidhi Vora
Cannonball Orange   -     Ms. Ria Sachin Khimji
Cannonball Yellow          -     Ms. Gayathri M
Miss Trouper             -     Ms. Taniya Agrawal

Trouper Marsala        -     Ms. Ramya
Trouper Green  -     Ms. Ameena Zamah

Trouper Orange   -     Ms. Rikita Solanki
Trouper Yellow    -     Ms. Nikita Agarwal

 Miss Dendritic    -     Ms. Shikha Jain
Dendritic Marsala -     Ms. Komal Balani
Dendritic Green   -   Ms. Neha Mundhra     
Dendritic Orange -     Ms. Daniella Dsouza
Dendritic Yellow -     Ms. Namita Dugad
Miss Twill Frill    -     Ms. Monica Chopra
 Marsala – Lace           -     Ms. Jyoti Baid
Green – Velvet           -     Ms. Jasika Mehta
Orange – Jute            -     Ms. Nikita Mangal
Yellow – Net        -     Ms. Preksha Jain

 Miss Terra Firma      -     House Excellence
Miss Show Stopper  -     Ms. Sejal B Patel
 Miss Calicomod        -     Ms. Jeevitha


The Bridal make- up competition of the 9 Months Batch for the year 2015-2016 was held in the evening on 28 April, 2016.

“Classy Colleen” presented the beautiful ladies of the 9 Months Batch in their chosen Bridal category in 4 Teams based on 4 different Criteria.

*                   Team 1 -    Classic
*                   Team 2  -    Tress Lucid

*                   Team 3  -    Bells and Whistles 

*                   Team 4  -    Coverlet

Brides, with their chosen bridal make-up category and bridal attire related themselves to brides across the globe starting from Bengali Bride to Punjabi Hindu Bride.



 “Classy Colleen” displayed the brides in their bridal make-up category accompanied by the individual traditional music related to the Bride’s culture. It was a splendid show of beauty, poise and also marked the culmination of the Beauty Therapy sessions of the Batch.

 The winners at Classy Colleen:

·      Miss Classic                               Ms Jeevitha

    Miss Tress Lucid                         Ms Ria Sachin Khimji

·      Miss Bells and Whistles             Ms Neha Mundhra

·      Miss Coverlet                              Ms Taniya Agrawal

·      Miss Classy Colleen                    Ms Anushree Kataruka