Monday, April 11, 2016


There is no love sincere than the love for food. And the love only doubles when you can cook what you love. But then there is a constant battle between what you can eat and what you should. Every phase of our life is dominated by different diets and this was exactly the theme of the competition. 

The following diet plans were prepared and presented:
·        Detox
·        Diabetes
·        Pregnancy
·        Obesity
·        High Cholesterol




The competition was on 18 March, 2016.

The competition taught us that the recipe does not have a soul but we as chefs can bring diversity, magical elements and soul to our food. Everyone can cook but the best cooks are the ones who love food.


The winners of the competition were:

1st Place – Pregnancy (Ms Swati Mittal, Ms. Prachi Gupta, Ms.JyotsnaPenumarti, Ms. R. Chandrika)

2nd Place – High Cholesterol (Mrs. Dhanupriya, Ms. Jaya Balani, Ms.SahayaPreeti, Ms.Nilima Mathew)

3rd Place – Obesity (Ms.NehaBhagania, Ms.Dhwani Mehta, Ms.RiyaAgrawal)



On a cool winter morning, isn't it just soothing to have a cup of soup with some salad and some small appetizer if any? Yes, we had our time to show our skills on some soup and salad dishes.

The competition was held on 2 March, 2016. The batch was divided into groups of 3 and 4. Each Team was supposed to prepare a soup, Salad and an accompaniment. The best part about the competition was not the result, but going around tasting everyone’s dishes after the competition was over.



The results were:

Soup, Salad and Overall Presentation - Ms.NehaBhagania and Ms.Dhanupriya

Accompaniments - Ms.AishwaryaAgrawal and Ms.Jagruti Jain


The mountaineering for the three months batch was held on the 7, 8 and 9 March, 2016.

The first day was Trekking, Anchoring and Rappling at Tiger Hills.

The second day was an overnight trip to the Good Shepherd Farms where there was a farm visit, the beautiful luscious gardens, the huge poultry farms, the entire laundry department and its functioning.

The third day was a visit to the Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary. It was overall a good break from the normal routine and got us closer in terms of positivity. We wrapped up our tents and headed towards the GSFS campus for we wished to stay for longer.


The eye makeup competition took place on 27 March, 2016. There were a lot of creative themes such as butterfly, Egyptian, Power puff Girls, Captain America, etc. chosen for the competition.



According to the criteria, the winners are:

1st Place – SimranTalreja (Theme - Casino)

2nd Place – AnuNandhitha (Theme -Gold)

3rd Place – NehaBhagania (Theme -Little Mermaid)

NevinaRavichandran (Theme -Lady Bug)


The Art competition was held on 5 March, 2016

It was a day where GSFS saw creativity exploding in every piece of art. It was a wonderful opportunity to think out of the box. The competition not only served its sole purpose but also gave a platform to display the ideas of the students. The topic for the competition was Social Media Affecting Humans and everyone participated in this. Each student came out with innovative ideas to depict the theme appropriately with their drawings.

The winners of the competitions were Ms. RiyaAgrawal in the first position who drew a brilliant sketch with perfect shadings of humans handcuffed and the chains of handcuffs being held by a bird which is popularly known as the twitter symbol. The second rank holder Ms. NehaBhagania showed a beautiful human evolution from an ape to human to human stuck to the computers. And the third winner Mrs. Dhanupriya drew a cage inside which humans and cage depicted social media.

The competition was successful and the students loved it.



“Dance is not to impress, but to express.”

The 3 months batch students got the opportunity to impress and express at the 2 day workshop conducted on the 1and 2 of February, 2016.

In 2 days, they learnt a lot from Jazz to Salsa to Jive to Zumba and most of all some Bollywood. At the end we all showed our talent through a small competition.

The winners of the competition were:

1st Place – Ms. AnuNandhita and Ms. Purvi Mehta

2nd Place – Ms. Jagruti Jain and Ms. SimranTalreja

3rd Place – Ms. Nilima Mathew and Ms. Prachi Gupta


GSFS has always been synonymous with cultural activities.

The competitions for Mehndi and Hairstyle were held on 1 March, 2016. Mehndi designs and hairstyles were intricate and inspired by a large spectrum and ideas. The different types of hairstyles which were put to test were pretzel knot, various types of buns, princess hairstyle, waterfall with hairband etc.


The following were the winners –


1ST Place – Ms. Radhika Gilda

2nd Place – Ms. Prachi Gupta, Ms.Dhwani Mehta


3rd Place – Ms. NevinaRavichandran, Ms.Swati Mittal



1st Place – Ms. Radhika Gilda

2nd Place – Ms. SimranTalreja

3rd Place – Ms. SahayaPreethi


“6 Yards of pure elegance, grace and beauty

Saree is one of the oldest piece of clothing used by women in India. This9 yards of unstitched cloth drapes around a woman’s body to give her just the right amount of grace and oomph. On 27 February, 2016, the 3 months batch had their Saree draping competition. The event was more of a celebration than a competition, where the students celebrated their feminity. After weeks of untiring practices and efforts, the students extruded confidence. Standing in bright, beautiful Sarees, the 19 students portrayed their skill and creativity, draped to perfection. Unlike the basic draping style, the students tried and succeeded in creating works of art with the 9 yards. Retro style, Jacket style, Mermaid style, Bengali draping, Reverse Flounce etc. were only a glimpse of the vast variety of drapings displayed in the competition. The judges carefully observed each and every style and it was so tough for them to decide which drapping was the best.


The winners:

1st place – Ms.NehaBhagania

2nd Place – Ms.Radhika Gilda

3rd Place – Ms. Swati Mittal and Ms.SimranTalreja