Thursday, December 17, 2015

Founder’s Day Event at GSFS!

The Birthday celebration of our Founder President Dr P.C Thomas was held at GSFS on 14 October, 2015.


The GSFS family including the 9 Months and 3 Months batch students hosted the event. The performances including dances, songs, and power point presentations were organized by the Students.



The sumptuous cake prepared pictured the biography of Dr. P.C Thomas, “An Event Called Life”. 

This programme marked another successful Event Management practice for the Students.


Style and Shoot!

The Styling and Photoshoot event of the 9 Months and 3 Months Batch turned out to be an event of exploration on the Style and Confidence of the Students.

In 2 batches, in 2 and 4 Teams, the themes were provided with guidance and corrections. The Students wore their outfit, accessories and attitude according to the theme and the Photoshoot turned out to be a Style Confidence Booster Event.                                  

9 Months Batch

3 Months Batch

Skin, Hair, Accessories…. Grooming Workshop!!

A 2 day Workshop on Skin care, Hair care, Power Dressing, Accessories and Fragrance was conducted by Ms Shilpa Jain, a renowned Professional Make-up Artist.


The 9 Months and the 3 Months Batch Students attended the Workshop. The session helped the Students to comprehend the importance of the minute details to be taken care of in Power Dressing.

Serve Society, Serve God!

The visit to Mercy Home and the time spent there was worth a billion, as it brought happiness and smiles to the face of the inmates.



The entertainment programmes that the students staged were enjoyed well and the effort reinforced the fact that when we serve society, we serve God.

Soups and Salads Competition :

The Soups and Salads Competition of the 9 Months Batch marked a different level of confidence to the Students in the Art.



In 10 teams, the Students presented different types of Soups and Salads with appropriate accompaniments. It was indeed a colorful and tasty event.

The Results:

Soups Competition: Team 2

Team - 2

Salads Competition: Team 3 and Team 5

Team - 3
Team - 5

Accompaniment:  Team 5

Team - 5

Over all Winners: Team 5

Team - 5

The 6 Meter yarn in Style Drape:

The Saree draping Competition of the 3 Months Batch Students brought in beauty and colour coupled with presentation and aesthetic sense at its best.


The Indian traditional outfit was seen in varied styles explored and experimented by the Students.

The Results:

I Position – Ms. Shifali Agarwal
Ms. Shifali Agarwal

II Position – Ms. Priyanka Rathi

Ms. Priyanka Rathi

III Position – Ms. Mansi Bhassin

Ms. Mansi Bhassin

Workshop on Presentation Skills:

Presentation of topics, an important skill required in the corporate world was explained to the Students with examples and practices at the workshop on Presentation Skills.

The 3 hour workshop helped the Students to comprehend the details to be taken care of while giving effective presentations.

Theory of Music Examination

The 9 Months Batch Students appeared for the Theory of Music Examination conducted and certified by the Trinity College of London on 5 November, 2015.

DELF A1 Examination:

The French DELF A1 Examination was conducted on 7 December, 2015. The Students of the 9 Months Batch appeared for the Exam.

Art Competition:

The Art competition of the 9 Months Batch Students gave them the opportunity to reflect on themselves and create an image which they would project to be as the topic was: “The Ideal woman “.

The competition brought out the unknown hidden potential of the Students.


I Position - Ms. Neha Mundhra
                   Ms. Ameena Zamah

II Position - Ms. Pragathi

I Position - Ms. Sejal B Patel

The Farewell Day!

The 3 Months Batch Students bid adieu to the School on 6 November, 2015 after their course completion.

The Certificate distribution of the Students was organized on 5 November, 2015. 

Ms Maitri Daga and Ms Tatyerna Marcuz represented the Batch and spoke on the experience of the Batch at the School.

Ms. Maitri Daga
Ms. Tatyerna Marcuz

Ms. Jeevitha and Ms. Shikha Jain of the 9 Months Batch shared their experience of the Batch with the 3 Months Batch Students.

Ms. Jeevitha
Ms. Shikha Jain

The Principal, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas distributed the Certificates. 



The Dean Ms Neetha Nataraj and the Principal Ms Elsamma Thomas addressed the gathering and wished the best to the Students.

The Principal - Mrs. Elsamma Thomas

The Dean - Mrs. Neetha Nataraj

The Event was organized by the 9 Months Batch Students.