Thursday, October 1, 2015

Soups and Salads Competition

The Soups and Salads Competition of the 3 Months Batch Students was held on 26 September, 2015.  In Teams, the Students explored their culinary skills with the production of savoring Soups, Crispy Salads and Baked Accompaniments.

The competition witnessed the transformation of hesitant, coy ladies to confident and smart Chefs.

The winners of the Competition;


First – Team Number 7 and 8
Second – Team Number 6
Third – Team Number 4 and 1


First – Team Number 7 and 8
 Second – Team Number 5
Third – Team Number 6


First – Team Number 7
 Second – Team Number 8
Third – Team Number 6

Overall Performance: 

First – Team Number 7
Second – Team Number 8
Third – Team Number 5 and 6

Sari Draping Competition:

Cocktail, Mumtaz, Innovative Flaunce, Mermaid, Hour glass… and many more.. the Sari styles were put to test on 29 September,2015 at the Sari Draping Competition of the 9 Months Batch.

Sari … the five to seven yards cloth was draped around, in different styles to the admiration of the onlookers. The creativity, daring confidence and the aesthetic sense of the Students were explored to the perplexed judges. The event gave a tough time to the judges in finding out the best amongst the Students.

The Results 

First Position: Ms. Tania Agrawal
Ms. Tania

Second Position: Ms. Jasika Mehta and
                           Ms. Ameena Zamah Yahiya

Ms. Jasika

Ms. Ameena Zamah

Third Position:Ms. Ahilya Subhash Markad and
                       Ms. Neha Mundhra


Ms. Ahilya
Ms. Neha Mundhra