Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The FOOD FIESTA - 2014

The students of Good Shepherd Finishing School organized a food festival as part of their Event Management Phase II. The festival lasted for 6 days spread over 2 weeks.


During the first three days (1, 2 and 3 February 2014), the students organized an Indian Food Festival, where the 3 groups, Elegance, Excellence and Emancipation presented dishes, attire, tradition and Culture native to Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab respectively. How the ambience changed overnight with no trace of the previous day’s programme is still a mystery. 

Each cuisine was presented as though the students actually belonged to that place. The ambience created was impeccable and felt like as if the atrium was a part of that particular state! The judges expressed awe at the talent of the students as one by one they presented the food, dressed in their native attire, filled the atrium with music and performed folk dances native to their state.

The remarkable point was that though most of the cultures of India are inter-linked, there was almost no repetition in anyway – be it the ambience, props, dishes, stalls, attire or even the seating arrangement. While one day the judges entered to a sight of ‘The Siddhi Vinayak’, the next they were greeted to the songs of ‘Ghoomar’ the Rajasthan folk dance, and the third day they were welcomed with a burning Lohri-kund. A lot of research seemed to have gone into almost every detail, and each day was exactly like travelling from one state to the other.
The tight competition had to be positioned and the judges placed the order accordingly;    
The Result;
I Place: Team Elegance
II Place: Team Emancipation
III Place: Team Excellence


The three days of the second week (8, 9 and 10 February, 2014) saw the three teams yet again working ceaselessly, this time organizing the International food Festival. The Cuisines given to each team – Elegance, Excellence and Emancipation – was Oriental, Mexican and Italian respectively. 

The teams were in full form as they made decorations, hung tassels, lanterns hand-made by them, flags, and whatever their creativity could muster. In fact, the Italians also made a Life size painting of a Venetian Canal and constructed a Gondola! The use of Sombreros, fans, lilies and orchids and props that suggested the ambience of the specific country was an element of surprise for the judges, who saw change every single day of the three days.

The food was deliciously traditional, as were the performances that entertained the guests. The students proved their mettle by organizing their events with great professionalism and dexterity. What really needs to be appreciated is the impeccable teamwork each team has shown that has earned them the fruit of their success.

The Result:
I Place: Team Emancipation
II Place: Team Elegance
III Place: Team Excellence