Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The 9 Months batch of the year 2012-2013 completed their course at the School and the Graduation Ceremony was held on 27 April, 2013.
The Chief Guest Mrs.Devaki Muthaiah, presented the Certificates and Awards and addressed the gathering. In her address, Mrs Devaki Muthaiah emphasised the need of women empowerment and on how to give equal importance to oneself as a homemaker and  a career person.
Dr.P.C.Thomas - President, Good Shepherd Finishing School and Dr.A.C.Muthiah  - Chairman, Southern Petrochemical Industries Corporation were amongst the audience.
The Principal, Mrs Elsamma Thomas welcomed the gathering and the Dean, Mrs Neetha Nataraj expressed the vote of thanks. In their farewell speeches, Ms Neetu Kabra, Ms Priyal Nandu and Ms Sneha Prasad expressed the gratitude and appreciation of the batch towards the School for their transformation into elegant ladies.
Award Winners:
                Best Golfer –   Miss Divya Lodha
                Best Squash Player – Miss Neetu Kabra
                Best Billiards Player – Miss Komal Oswal
                Best Badminton Player –  Miss  Aarti Rai
                Best Lawn Tennis Player – Miss Sukanya Baruah
The Business English Certificate- (Higher Level)Performers
v Miss Sukanya Baruah
v Miss Sneha Prasad
v Miss Swati Agarwal
v Miss Samriddhi Fomra
v Miss Neetu Kabra
v Miss Priyal Nandu
v Miss Kanchan Agarwal
Special Awards
              Best Attitude – Miss Samriddhi Fomra
              Best Performer – Miss Neetu Kabra
              Miss Talent – Miss Oswal Komal
              Miss Go- getter – Miss Sneha Prasad
             Miss Confident – Miss Shalini Chhabria
             Miss Perfect – Miss Swati Agarwal
             The Most Transformed Lady – Miss Lalitha Pathi 

The Best House of the year 2012-2013 – “Elegance”

Arrival of the Chief Guest

L- R Mrs. Elsamma Thomas - Principal, Good Shepherd Finishing School,  
Mrs.Devaki Muthaiah, Mrs. Neetha Nataraj - Dean, 
Good Shepherd Finishing School

Welcome address by Mrs. Elsamma Thomas
 Principal, Good Shepherd Finishing School

Release of ELIXIR - Finishing School Magazine

Presentation of Graduation Scrolls, Certificates and Awards

Presentation of "Best House” shield to Elegance 

Address by the Chief Guest Mrs.Devaki Muthaiah

Vote of thanks by  Mrs. Neetha Nataraj 
 Dean, Good Shepherd Finishing School

Lighting of the Graduation Lamp


Graduating Batch 2012-2013