Friday, May 25, 2018

Styling Day Event

The Styling Day Event for the 6 week programme at the Good Shepherd Finishing School was held on the 02 May 2018.

It was a theme based ‘Styling Event’ for the smart and gorgeous girls from teams Joyous and Jubliant who dressed up appropriately for a ‘Smart Office Wear’, and ‘Party Wear’ look. They dressed up keeping in mind the weather, the correct accessory and make-up suited for the event.

Debate Competition

The Debate Competition which was held on the 14 May 2018 for the girls of the 6 weeks programme encouraged the young girls to express their perspective and opinion 'For & Against' the Topic ‘Students learn better when they direct their own education’. The debate competition encouraged and allowed the girls to display their communication skill, poised with confidence and grace.

The Talent Night and Cooking Event

The Talent Night ‘Desi Videshi’ was amalgamated in with the ‘Cooking Event’ which was held for the girls of the 6 weeks Programme on the 25 May 2018. It was a platform for the girls to showcase their team spirit combined with their individual talent. There was fusion dance and a skit which displayed the fine blend of peaceful co-existence in spite of belonging to different cultures. A message which the world of today needs to embrace for the progress of humanity. The mélange of the talent night and the cooking event radiated a festive spirit. The Cooking Event allowed the girls to try their culinary skills in preparing cuisine which had a fine blend of fusion taste.