Wednesday, March 14, 2018

 The Graduation Day! - 14 April, 2018

The January session of the 3 Months Batch Students bid adieu to the School on 17 April, 2018 after their course completion.

Ms. Samiksha welcomed the gathering and Ms. Sejalconveyed the expression of gratitude.

Ms. Bhavika Ramchandani, Ms. Prerna, Ms. Pooja Tated and Ms. Kajal Dokania represented the 3 months Batch and shared their experience.

The Principal, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas addressed the gathering and distributed the certificates.

The Certificate distribution of the students was organized on 14 April, 2018.

Ms. Anushka Agarwal, Ms. Aditi and Ms. Arushi Jain shared their experience of the batch with the 3 months’ students.


The 9 months batch had a debate competition on 11 April, 2018.  They were debating on the topic “Giving Alms to the Beggars encourages complacency

The winners of the Debate Competition:

First Place : Ms. Sukjot Kaur
Second Place : Ms. Vinita Agarwal
Third Place : Ms. Priyanka Inani & Ms. Mohita Jalan

Ms. Mahima Bansal

Ms. Priyanka Inani

Ms. Nimisha Bansal

Ms. Neha Bagmar

Ms. Payal Chandak

Ms. Thivyaa

Ms. Mahima Agarwal

Ms. Kinjal Bagrecha

Ms. Sukjot Kaur

Ms. Vinita Agarwal

Ms. Bhavya

Ms. Sheetal Agarwal (Right)


The 3 months students presented as a part of their event management module, an event which tested their skills in organizing and executing a full-fledged event with hospitality on 10 April, 2018.

The event brought out all the colors of India with songs, dances and food from different parts of India.

Styling and Photo Shoot!

The Styling and Photoshoot event of the 3 Months Batch turned out to be an event of exploration on the Style and Confidence of the Students.

In 2 Teams, the themes were provided with guidance and corrections. 

The Students wore their outfit, accessories and attitude according to the theme. The Photoshoot turned out to be a Style Confidence Booster Event.   


There is no love sincere than the love for food. And the love only doubles when you can cook what you love. But then there is a constant battle between what you can eat and what you should. 

Every phase of our life is dominated by different diets and this was exactly the theme of the competition. The Dietetics and Nutrition competition for the 9 months batch was held on 01 April, 2018.

Nail Art and Mehndi Competition:

Sari Draping and Hairstyle Competition:

Sari… the five to seven yards cloth was draped around, in different styles to the admiration of the onlookers. 

The Sari styles and Hair styles were put to test on 30 March, 2018 at the Sari Draping Competition of the 3 Months Batch.

International Cooking Fiesta

The International Cooking Competition of the 9 Months Batch of the year was held on 27, 28 and 29 March, 2018. 

The students in 3 Houses; Elegance, Excellence and Emancipation participated with the preparation of the food and the Presentation of their respective cuisine and culture in the order; Oriental Cuisine, Mediterranean Cuisine and Latin American.

The Competition was adjudged accordingly;

First Position: Team Elegance
                        Mediterranean Cuisine

Second Position: Team Excellence and Emancipation
                                   Oriental Cuisine & Mexican Cuisine

Dessert Competition

The Dessert Competition and the Mocktail Workshop of the 9 Months Batch Students was held on 24 and 25March, 2018 respectively.  

Table Setting Competition

Table setting competition for the 9 months batch was held on 21 March, 2018.


The Femina Wedding Show and Exhibition co- sponsored by the Good Shepherd Finishing School held on 17 and 18 March, 2018 at Coimbatore. GSFS students took part in the Femina Wedding Show.

Soups and Salads Competition: 11 March, 2018.

The Soups and Salads Competition of the 3 Months Batch marked a different level of confidence to the Students in the Art.

The Students presented different types of Soups and Salads with appropriate accompaniments. It was indeed a colorful and tasty event.

The Competition was adjudged accordingly:

1 Position – Ms. Monica, Ms. Payasvani Goyal, Ms. Pooja Praful Tated

II Position –  Ms. Smriti Karnawat, Ms. Ayushi Mittal, Ms. Antaraa Daga                     

III Position  - Ms. Prerana, Ms. Kajal Dokania, Ms. Rishika Sagar