Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Celebration at GSFS!..


DELF A1 Examination:

The French DELF A1 Examination was conducted on 05 December, 2016. The Students of the 9 Months Batch appeared for the Exam.

Art Competition

The Art competition of the 9 Months Batch Students gave them the opportunity to reflect on themselves and create an image which they would project to be as the topic was: “Objective Drawing“.

The competition brought out the hidden potential of the Students.

Pencil shading category;

·       I Position        -      Ms. Puja Bansal
Ms. Madhvi Garg

·       II Position      -      Ms. Sneha Rampuria
Ms. Surbhi Jain

·       III Position    -      Ms. Nisha R Patel
Ms. Ashima Chopra
Ms. Radhika Bothra

Colour pencil category;

·       I Position        -      Ms. Gayatridevi Vala

·       II Position      -      Ms. Tanishka Nahar
Ms. Suchi Agrawal

·       III Position    -      Ms. Zebah Yahiya
Ms. Shreyaa Nevatia

Water Colour category;

·       I Position        -       Ms. Jayasri M.S.S

·       II Position      -       Ms. Shipra Rao Dasari

·       III Position    -       Ms. Riya Vijayakumar