Friday, February 28, 2014

Tea and Coffee Workshop

Who doesn’t love the aroma of freshly ground coffee? And what about the healthy warm feeling that only a steaming cup of tea can provide? Well, the students of Good Shepherd Finishing School attended a workshop on Tea and Coffee, conducted by Chef Udaya Sankar on 27 February, 2014. The workshop was divided into 2 sessions – the first session was on Coffee, and the second on Tea. From berry picking to the grinding of coffee beans to indulging in different types of Coffee, the session was highlighted with utmost passion on the art of Coffee making and different types of not only beverages but also Desserts made out of Coffee. The session rounded off with a Demo on how to use the ‘Espresso machine’.

Following a very interesting story of how tea was discovered, the students were given many tips and advices pertaining to brewing of tea and coffee, their health benefits and so on. So much so that even students who have not had tea and coffee participated in the ‘tasting’ that happened, winding up the work shop.