Thursday, November 28, 2013


The card making workshops held on 16 November, 2013 and 17 November, 2013 were one of the experiences of its own. The workshops were conducted by the selected students who had undergone specialized training in card making. The sessions enhanced the creativity and knowledge of the participants. 
There was diversity and innovation in the kind of cards which were taught and the students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. They were keen on learning the new ideas of making a card and they practiced it on the spot. 
It not only helped them create beautiful cards but it also inculcated in them the creativity and inspiration to make cards. 

The workshops gave the initiative to the students to show their skills who conducted it and motivated the participants to explore and enhance their skills.

The workshops were conducted in Teams of 2 on 2 days by;

Team 1 on   16 November,2013                         
Ms Payal Shadija                                                             
Ms Ashmika Sihare                                                          
Ms Tripti Jindal                                                                 
Ms Saumya Garg                                                             
Ms Simran                                                                        

Team 2 on 17  November,2013  
Ms Uma Sripathy
Ms Kriti Bagaria
Ms Poorva Jain
Ms Sneha Baid  
Ms Divya Bothra