Monday, October 28, 2013


The students of the 3 months batch of July, 2013 bade us a teary farewell on the 13 day of October at a formal function hosted by the 9 months batch. The guest of honor of the evening was the founder President, Dr. P.C Thomas. The Principal, Mrs. Elsamma Thomas, and the Dean, Mrs. Neeta Nataraj attended the function.
Dr. P. C. Thomas motivated the girls to achieve excellence in their lives no matter what they pursue. Later, he distributed the Certificates of Merit and Honor.  Mrs. Elsamma Thomas aptly reminded the girls to be elegant in every way possible by doing the right thing at the right time. Following this, the 9 Months batch of Good Shepherd Finishing School presented awards to the out going 3 Months batch students which pertains to each and everyone’s attribute and it was special for all for sure.
Ben Johnson said these apt words: “Farewell, is the hope to meet shortly again and to make our absence sweet”; many goodbyes are inevitable yet momentary, as all goodbyes said to the 3 months batch were laden with best wishes for the future and a promise to meet again. At the end of it all, not one person remained without tears, and all of us bade a bittersweet goodbye to the students.  
Dr. P.C Thomas
President- GSFS
Mrs. ElsammaThomas
Principal- GSFS