Monday, October 7, 2013


It was a cold evening on 28 September when Team Emancipation, or rather, ‘The Angels and Demons’ descended to Earth and put up a show about how they do or do not co-exist. The spectators were all clad in black - red (for demons) and blue-white (for angels). This show was a part of Event Management Phase I for the students of the House Emancipation.
Apart from well performed dances, skits and songs, they stretched their creativity to the extent of directing a short silent comedy film which stole the glory.“We are the world” they sang in unison, and asked the spectators, “Who said you’re not perfect?” The show was a tasty pot pourri of songs, dances, skits, decorations, informative videos, and immensely talented artists.

Address by Dr. P.C. Thomas
President – GSFS

Address by Mrs. ElsammaThomas
Principal – GSFS