Friday, September 6, 2013


          On 31 August, 2013, the ladies of the GSFS nine-months batch had a Hairstyle and Mehndi competition. The task was to make their partner’s hairstyle and apply their own Mehndi in one hour; it was quite a challenge to accomplish the task as all the participants were novices, one way or the other. The outcome was quite stunning as  a variety of excellent hairstyles, ranging from Chinese and Korean buns to Desi Bollywood styles and even the more contemporary, in-trend hairstyles was exhibited in an hour’s time.
In addition, the girls also had beautiful Mehndi patterns on their hands. These embellishments, made the entire competition glamourous. All in all, we got to see forty-three beautifully decked up girls, ready to ‘wow’ anybody who happened to walk into the atrium at GSFS. The occasion was graced by the presence of distinguished judges and other dignitaries who encouraged and appreciated all the participants.