Thursday, August 22, 2013


          It happened with Nirbhaya; it happens with several Nirbhayas on a daily basis. Have we stopped and thought about it? Have we been complacent about what goes on around us? Can we do anything to bring about a change in the society? All these questions and more were asked and answered during the “Gracia Valour “performed by the House -Elegance of the 9 Months Batch of Good Shepherd Finishing School. Was there a questionnaire? Certainly not. However there was a lot of introspection, as one was bombarded with instances from real life situations.  “Gracia Valour” depicted on how to be gracious and courageous at the same time without losing the essentials of a woman.
        Tears were streams which couldn’t be stopped for most people as it all came to life on stage; “Gracia Valour” was not about entertainment, it was about reality which set everybody thinking on how a difference can be made. It was a daunting task to portray subtly what was so morbid in life, yet artistically projected, with all the elements intact.
        An unborn girl child to its mother, “May a hundred sons be born to you soon, as death pounces on me I bid you a tearful goodbye”. Can there be more power in a statement than this? What is the difference between a male and a female in century 21? We think there should be none, but is it the reality? Statistical information not only reinforced the program’s message but also added the element of truth very well; sentiment backed by real-life data proved to have an immense impact on all present at “Gracia Valour.”
       To say that it was engaging and entertaining would be an understatement; there were multiple messages, but the basic one was “Respect girls”. “Gracia Valour “portrayed the grace, elegance and strength of women even in dire circumstances.
Hats off!!!  House “Elegance” ….  You got everybody thinking.




Mrs. Elsamma Thomas