Tuesday, May 7, 2013


The culmination of the Food and Beverage Production classes was with the sumptuous Basket Cooking Competition and the Desserts Competition. With the available ingredients in the basket, the students; in pairs, presented a spread which was relished by everyone.
The Winners of the Competition;
Basket Cooking Competition:
First Position: Ms Divya Lodha and
                         Ms Kanchan Agarwal
Second Position: Ms Aarti Kathrani and
                            Ms Hanisha .V. Galani
Third Position: Ms Swati Agarwal and
                           Ms Aarti Rai AND
                           Ms Oswal Komal and
                           Ms Lalitha Pathi
Desserts Competition:
 First Position: Ms Baynu Arora and
                         Ms Neetu Kabra
Second Position: Ms Neha Prasad and
                            Ms Samriddhi Fomra
Third Position : Ms Divya Lodha and
                           Ms Kanchan Agarwal